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Woolbabe size information

Choosing the right size woolbabe is important for comfort, safety and the all important peace of mind.

It can be tempting for parents to buy a bigger woolbabe, 'so it will last', but this can be counter-productive.

Firstly a bigger bag may be unsafe, if you baby could slip down through the neck-or their arms end up inside the bag and the whole bag is therefore not secure.

A sleeping bag which is too big can also make sleeping and resettling harder for your baby, as it may be come tangled up around their legs.

Woolbabe sizes are very generous and will on average last for about 2 years, so you will get plenty of use and great value from your investment.



Size 3-24 months:

Suitable for babies from approx 3 months or 6kg.
Under-arm domes for smaller or slimmer babies.
Bags measure approx 95cm long.


Size 2-4 years:

Suitable for toddlers from approx 2 years or 12kg.
Under-arm domes for smaller or slimmer toddlers.
Bags measure approx 115cm long.


Size 3-6 years:

Suitable for children from approx 3 years or 15kg.
Bags measure approx 130cm long.
These bags are ideal for very tall children, children who want to continue sleeping in a bag or those children with special needs who are not able to pull up their own bedding.

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