Jo Head Photoshoot 048 1Interested in adding woolbabe to your range?

woolbabe sleeping bags are the perfect to your baby or gift store. They are consistently excellent sellers, as more and more parents hear about this beautiful brand from friends who have used woolbabe.

woolbabe's success in the market comes through word of mouth. Once parents have experienced the great sleep that comes with a woolbabe baby, naturally they tell their friends and family. We often hear of mother's groups who all have woolbabe merino sleeping bags for their little ones.

We also often hear about how customers have converted to woolbabe and how they love their woolbabe so much more than any other sleeping bags they have used. 

What to stock in your store:

The woolbabe range is comprehensive, with 3 sizes, 3 weights and front or side zip options.

Customers like to be able to choose between the front or side zip - we sell almost even numbers of both styles.

The woolbabe duvet weight sleeping bags are incredibly popular in the cooler half of the year, where as the 3-seasons bag sells very steadily through the whole year. The summer woolbabe sleeping bags are also incredibly popular for the warmer months and we always sell out.

Please chat to us about what you would like or ask our advice based on our years of experience selling woolbabes!


Becoming a woolbabe retailer:

If you have a boutique or online baby store, gift or department store, we'd love to hear from you about adding woolbabe merino sleeping bags to your range.

Please note we do not supply auction traders or social media only stores.


Wholesale enquiries:

Please contact our customer service team for our woolbabe merino sleeping bag wholesale price-list including the other best-selling sleep solutions available from Little Bird Brands.

email wholesale@littlebirdbrands.co.nz
phone NZ 09 816-8706 or Australia 1800 630-216