3-season woolbabe customer reviews

Our customers love woolbabe sleeping bags and so do we!

So if you've been thinking about investing in a gorgeous woolbabe, have a read of these reviews:

The woolbabe we have from the Sleep Store is a wonderful mid weight sleep sac for the summer time. My 15 month boy never seems to be too warm or too cold – just perfect.  It’s super easy to wash and drys very quickly, it’s a nice fabric that never looks washed out. The woolbabe has easy adjustable buttons under the arms for growing babys/toddlers. We love the natural looking blue/white colourway too. We also have a cute snuggly Cuski which has been a successful self settling buddy for naps and bedtime. Thanks so much Sleep Store for your helpful advice on toddlers waking in the night – having a night light on has helped our boy resettle as he is an active wee thing in the night. More sleep for mum and dad equals happy parents! Yay

Shannon Taylor (OHbaby! Online Advertising Executive)

By Jessica from Auckland on 3 March 2012

The mid weight woolbabe is so versatile for a range of temperatures for day and night! My daughter loves it and doesn't seem to overheat or get too cool.
The woolbabe sleeping bags are also so easy to wash and dry, which is a bonus every mum needs!

By Jessica from Auckland on 5 February 2012

A fantastic sleeping bag. The two zip feature for changing and removing bubs is great, as is the slots for the car set harness. The domes at the shoulders are reinforced with extra fabric which is a high stress point when undoing the bag, so it makes me confidant that the fabric wont rip or stretch. The wool/cotton combination is super soft and cosy to the touch. My bub still liked to be wrapped at 10mths of age but this has been an easy transition and she took to the bag right away. Signals 'sleep time' to her as the wrap did. Well done Woolbabe!

By Hector from Auckland on 26 December 2011

Great purchase, baby can't kick off blankets anymore, very happy

By Vanessa from Auckland on 2 September 2011

I purchased the Woolbabe sleeping bag as a back up to be used when our first choice bag (Merino Kids GoGo Bag) was in the wash. I loved the reasonable pricepoint to start with and it just got better from there.

I love the way both shoulders are unsnappable - makes it easy for removing if you've got other clothes on over the top. I often get my kids up in the morning and put a hoodie or cardigan on over their PJ's and keep the sleeping bag on until it warms up a bit. Having the ability to release the snaps of the sleeping bag without taking off the hoodie is great.

It is very easy to care for - just chuck it in the washing machine on a wool or delicate wash cycle and it dries quickly too.

I love the extra length in it - Miss 2.5 wore it till she was about 2 and mastered walking in it very well.

I like that it's a Merino/Cotton blend rather than having 2 separate layers of fabric.

Now that I have a baby boy, it's our first choice Merino bag and because it has snaps under the arms, I have used it on him from around 3 months safely.

The seatbelt slot makes it easy to wear at night when visiting family or friends and makes for an easy transferal from portacot to carseat to cot.

We've also purchased an Ergo Pouch from The Sleep Store to complement it in the Winter.

Thank you for your fabulous as always service and for providing fantastic products.

By Nancy from Wishart on 31 October 2011

I think this is a quality product - good finishes, good zipper, all natural fibres etc.

I did however find the dressing guide for the bag didn't work for my daughter. She was cold and sneezing when I followed the directions on what clothes to put her in, so she stayed in her singlet and wondersuit plus extra blankets, particularly when I was staying with family recently where I couldn't control the temperature of the room.

I suspect I would have the same issues with any other sleeping bag, but as my daughter is over six months I'm comfortable with adding bedding as needed.

By Nissa from NORTH SHORE on 30 October 2011

This bag is so nice and soft. My son is 2 and was getting cold at nights as he kicks off his blankets. This weight is good with thermal pajamas for the October weather in Auckland. I think we will still be able to use this weight for most of the summer as well, just with lighter pajamas underneath.

The only downside to a sleeping bag is that my son moves a lot in his sleep and sometimes his feet get so tangled in the sleeping bag that he wakes up and gets upset. This doesn't happen as often as he was waking up cold though, so it's a reasonable trade-off, I think.

By Kate from Invercargill on 12 August 2011

When this first arrived I thought it felt quite thin and wondered if I should have bought the duvet weight one but after it's first wash it somehow seemed to be a lot fuller/thicker/warmer than it first appeared. Our 16 month old son seems to find this very comfortable and seems to like it very much (or rather he doesn't seem to indicate that he has any objections to it and appears to be very comfortable and happy in it). I think it's very stylish looking in a subtle way (and also good unisex colours which would look just as good whether we have a boy or a girl to use it on next time).. Our son does seem to be a warm blooded little creature and can get overheated really easily resulting in a really sweaty head. This sleeping bag actually seems the perfect balance of warmth without making him too hot.